Esclexa is an art studio with extensive experience in publishing and illustration for children and young adults. We are now embarking on a new adventure – creating imaginative apps for kids and entertaining e-books, carefully designed so that even the youngest members of your family can play and learn together.

Full of color and highly original characters, each book includes games that reinforce your child's learning. And on every page, there are interactive surprises that they'll get to discover for themselves.

At Escletxa we bring great stories to life!

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MartÝ, the Nosey Penguin. Where do you live?

In this story, Martin finds out about the place where animals live. We get to know the camel in the desert, the lion in the jungle, the squirrels and the bears in the forests and the most musical birds in the rain forest. All his news friends tell him about how they live.

3 languages: English, Catalan and Spanish
9 pages
3 interactive games
Automatic reading
16 different interactive activities

An interactive adventure around the world

Martin is an inquisitive little penguin who wears glasses and loves finding out about things – a true nosey parker!

Martin loves to learn about all different kinds of landscapes and habitats, finding out where animals live. He's also interested in getting to know different cities and cultures, learning how inhabitants all over the world live and play – especially children. To find all this out, he'll have to travel around the world– which is what Martin likes doing best!

In each book, Martin leaves his home in the Antarctic to start a new adventure somewhere in the world. Because the world is round, readers will need to turn their iPads to go all the way around it. Every page reveals new surprises: drag characters around with your finger, make music play – or just touch, turn, or shake your iPad to discover what else can happen! And every story features new games based on Martin's trip.

With Martin, the Nosey Penguin you'll find out about natural diversity and animal habitats, and explore the cultural wealth of the world in a highly entertaining way. In each story you'll discover new landscapes and explore new cultures. Martin hasn't been traveling for long, but he already has lots of friends – and when you travel along with him, you'll get to meet them all!

So what are you waiting for? Join Martin, the Nosey Penguin on his adventures around the globe!

  • MartÝ the nosey penguin
  • MartÝ the nosey penguin
  • MartÝ the nosey penguin
  • MartÝ the nosey penguin
  • MartÝ the nosey penguin